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Next Generation Theatre Company is a non-profit theatre company based out of St. Charles, Missouri that was founded to  further the education and training of young adults by providing opportunities to direct, to design and to assume other leadership roles in high quality theatrical productions.

Since being founded in 2013 by a small group of young adults looking to promote theatre in St. Louis and provide more opportunites to young adults in the area, NGTC has tripled both the amount of productions in a season and the number of young adults involved in the company. We have worked with hundreds of young adults in the last two years and have seen many of our cast and crew members go on to do professional theatre across the country. We are continually growing and changing to help more individuals and make an even larger impact on the St. Louis community.

NGTC frequently performs at the James J. Eagan Theatre in Florissant and at other various locations across the Saint Louis area.